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tells the story of three scientist women from vienna university chemophysical institute. (pic ) of Institue of radiology.)

strudlhofgasse boltzmann gasse and waehringerstrasse (pic , pic2) 9.district, vienna .

annie bacher-egerer as a student lived in favoritenstrasse 67, 10th district. She worked in colloid substances and biochemistry in berlin KW1. Marietta blau radiology mother of the photographic emulison and detection of stars(credits) , lise meitner the mother of the first SPLITTING OF A URANIUM ATOM BY NEUTRONS BOMBARDMENT……

and carl neuberg the father of biochemistry in berlin , the institute where annie worked in his laboratory with professor sabalistchka . for carl neuberg the chief of the kaiser wilhelm institute (hidden in Penner AG ) was a jew and fugitive in 1937 with a little suitcase.

whereas annie lived in berlin at bayrischer platz , berchtesgadenerstrasse the jewish swiss until 1997 the other two women were fugitives since 1937 for the fact of beeing jewish.

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When Blau was up for a free academic assitentposition a professor said to her
“ you are jewish and a woman , that´s to much “ she never got a paid job at the radiology and worked for free.

Marietta BLAU the" Mother" of filmmaterial emulsion in physics
1937 she discovered "disintegration stars" in photographic plates.worked at the Vienna institute of radiology in boltzmann gasse : 1918 to 1937
Blau's main interest was the development of the photographic method of particle detection. she observated -the stars are the patterns of particle tracks from nuclear reactions-- cosmic ray particles with nuclei of the photographic emulsion.

lise meitner :splitting of an atom...Lise meitnerium -- element 109
...Though denied the coveted Nobel, Meitner will be rewarded with a permanent abode on the periodic table. In 1994 an international commission agreed that element 109, artificially created in Germany by slamming bismiiuth with iron ions, will be named "meitnerium."

annie egerer in berlin worked at KW1 , former chief jew carl neuberg –father of carbonhydrate chemistry, cell transport process, co enzymes, photochemistry, solubility and transport of cells , structural components of cell membranes., chemistry of sugars, fermentation, enzymes, and amino acids. He considered his most important work to lie in the discovery of carboxylase, the different forms of fermentation...

KW 1 extracted him the teaching permission –1937 fled from the Nazis to palestine and new york

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